G.R.E.A.T – Grange Relief Emergency Action Team

The Grange Relief Emergency Action Team ~ 888-472-6430 ~ CaGrange911@gmail.com

To provide emergency aid to our Grange brothers and sisters in California, pending the establishment of more formal assistance (FEMA, Insurance, Red Cross, etc).
The Grange Relief Emergency Action team (G.R.E.A.T) is a collective of Grange members and Grange’s in California who have formed a network with the goal of providing assistance to fellow Grangers in need. If you are a GRANGE MEMBER with an emergency or a personal crisis, the Grange Relief Emergency Action Team is here to help.

Emergency needs may include: natural disaster – family emergency
Basic Info
Founded *****
Products Donations are accepted of clothing, bottled water, furniture, toys, dishes and linens to name a few. Orangevale Grange is glad to collect those items for distribution to those who need them. Send an email to CaGrange911@gmail.com to make arrangements to drop off any donations.

Financial donations to GREAT are also GREATfully accepted. Make checks paybale to Sacramento Pomona Grange # 2 and put GREAT in the memo line. Send them to Susan Megeath, Treasurer, Sacramento Pomona Grange, PO Box 2183, Fair Oaks CA 95628.
Contact Info
Phone (888) 472-6430
Email CaGrange911@gmail.com